Things You Need to Have When Sailing in California

There are different things that you need to have before you go out sailing. These things include:

Grippy deck shoes that have a Vibram sole
Polarized sunglasses. These glasses will help you clearly see how water is moving, enabling you to read the wind direction.
Sailing gloves
A logbook where you will keep a record of your sailing accomplishments
A jacket that is waterproof and can withstand wind. This jacket will keep you warm when sailing

Sailing History
sailing history The first record of sailing dates back to 3500BC. Later, Vikings started sailing to North America. The first recording of Vikings sailing was 1000 years ago. In the 15th century, European explorers started sailing to various regions that had extreme weather conditions.

Throughout history, sailing has been used majorly for transport. During the ancient days, people used square and fore-and-aft rigs for sailing. These sails could not sail too close to the wind. Later, square-rigged sails were introduced. These sails could sail close to the wind, so they were attached to many European ships.

Nowadays, people sail for recreation and sports. Different types of sailboats are used for these two activities. Most of these boats are longer than the boats used in ancient times, and they travel at higher speeds.

The Popularity of Sailing In Modern Society

During the 1980s, more than 12.5 Americans used to participate in sailing sports. However, this number has been going down every year. Currently, only around 2.5 million Americans take part in these sports. The decline in this number is usually associated with the decline in the number of wind-powered sailboats. According to the United States Coast Guard, sailboat registrations have gone down by 25% since 1999. This body also stated that wind-powered sailboats make only 2% of the registered boats.

In California, sailing is not so popular. However, you are likely to find a few sailboats in Huntington Lake. This lake is found near Shaver Lake, and some of the best sailors claim that it is the best sailing lake in California. You will not have to worry about the winds since they are usually consistent here when sailing in this lake.

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