Common Forms of Sailing In California

Sailing is a lifetime sport that people of all ages can enjoy with Jolly Sailing Charters LB. Depending on your sailing ability, fitness, and age, you should go for the sailing type that fits you. The forms of sailing that the people living in California practice are:

I. Racing
II. Cruising

Racing is a type of sailing whereby sailors compete against each other. This type of sailing is further divided into:

  • Fleet racing
  • Match racing
  • Team racing
  • Para world sailing
  • Fleet Racing

Fleet racing is a common form of sailing competition whereby more than two sailors race around a sailing course. The fastest sailor usually becomes the winner. This form of sailing is usually divided into two:

  1. One-design fleet racing
  2. Handicap fleet racing

One-design fleet racing involves racing using similar boats. For instance, the boats need to be of the same design and size, and their speed should be similar. Handicap fleet racing, on the other hand, involves racing using different types of sailboats. Before the sailors start racing, each of these boats is rated depending on its speed and size. Sailboats that are slow start the race earlier before fast sailboats.

Match Racing

A match race involves two sailors with identical sailboats competing against each other. This race usually takes approximately twenty minutes. The sailor sailing the boat that crosses the finish line first becomes the winner of the game.

A sailboat can be penalized during this race. When penalized, the boat should complete a full-circle turn. However, the penalties are usually canceled out if the opponent is also penalized before the initially penalized boat makes a full-circle turn.

Team Racing

regatta A team race involves six sailboats racing against each other. Three of these boats form a team, and the other three form another team. For a team to win, it should have the lowest score.

The scoring system for this competition is similar to the fleet racing’s scoring system, whereby the sailor who finishes the race first is awarded one point. If the members of your team finish first, fourth and fifth, respectively, your team’s score will be 10.

Para World Sailing

The Para World Sailing is a form of competition that accommodates sailors with disabilities. Special sailboats are used during this competition. This form of sailing follows the same rules as other sailing competitions.


cruising Cruising is usually a social activity that involves randomly sailing a boat in any direction. It is an activity that you can enjoy while on holiday or during weekends. When in California, you can go cruising in:

  • Lake Tahoe
  • Shaver Lake
  • Huntington Lake
  • Along San Francisco Bay
  • To Catalina Island

Many people enjoy sailing. Some of these people take part in sailing sports while others just sail for recreation. If you are among these people, you should consider sailing in California. One of the California water bodies where you should go sailing is Huntington Lake. This lake is usually not crowded, and the winds are consistent in this lake. You can also take part in the sailing races that take place in the lake.